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Singapore Stone Sealing

Looking for professional Singapore stone sealing service to protect your delicate stone surfaces?

Before and After Picture of a Singapore Marble Stone Vanity Top Sealed to Avoid Water MarksBefore and After Picture of Damaged Singapore Marble Floor with Sealed Stone

At Sir Grout Singapore we understand most natural stone surfaces are porous, and if left exposed, will absorb water, dirt and other fluids such as grease, oil, wine, etc. A high-quality Singapore Stone sealing treatment will save your stone from exposure, and protect the luster of the natural grain or finish of your stone, no matter the type.

Before and After Picture of a Singapore Granite Floor Sealed for Stone ProtectionBefore and After Picture of a Singapore Slate Stone Floor Sealed to Eliminate Dullness

Picture of Stone Sealing and Hard Surface Restoration Gallery
Before and After Picture of a Singapore Marble Stone Sealed to Recover Its SheenBefore and After Picture of a Singapore Marble Tub Stone Sealed to Remove Stains

Sir Grout Singapore's Singapore Stone sealing team of experienced technicians uses superior products and exceptional techniques to provide an unmatched level of protection to both the appearance and endurance of these hard yet delicate surfaces.
Whether it's marble, granite, limestone, travertine, serpentine, onyx, slate, or any other natural stone, our team of well-trained Singapore Stone sealing specialists can protect it against staining and corrosion, and simplify the cleaning process.

Sir Grout Singapore understands that your stone and tile floors, kitchen, bath and work surfaces represent a significant investment in your home or business. To meet this need, our Singapore stone sealing technicians provide a diversity of products for different types of stone.

Before and After Picture of a Singapore Travertine Patio Sealed Stone for Extra ProtectionBefore and After Picture of a Singapore Marble Kitchen Countertop Stone Sealed to Avoid Water Damage

Singapore Stone Sealing Singapore:

Sir Grout's one-of-a-kind water-born polymer sealant, Tile Armor, gives maximum protection as it prevents soil penetration into stone. This non-flammable, odorless sealer will not alter the look of the striking stone surface. The Tile Armor treatment provided by Singapore Stone Sealing Specialists guarantees preservation against stains and dirt penetration for 12-18 months. It will save the surface of polished stones without altering their striking appearance.
Our Singapore Stone Sealing treatment for cleft stones is a case-by-case process used to treat the unique needs of cleft stones, including slates and quartzite. Since they are highly exposed, these stones may need other types of sealants to protect and return luster to the stone surfaces. These stone surfaces will be treated under expert Singapore stone sealing advisement.

Before and After Picture of a Singapore Granite Kitchen Countertop Stone Sealed For Extra ProtectionBefore and After Picture of a Singapore Granite Shower Stone Sealed to Avoid Mineral Deposits
Sir Grout Singapore's Singapore Stone Sealing specialists have many years of experience in this highly-specialized area and will help maintain gorgeous stone surfaces. Hard surface preservation is our dedication. Therefore, we only use the best, professional products to protect your stone.
Use our online scheduling option at the top of this page for a free quote or call Sir Grout Singapore at (65) 6759-7296 and enjoy an unmatched Singapore stone sealing service for your home or business.


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