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Commercial Maintenance Program

Hard surfaces require proper maintenance, especially in commercial settings. Tile, grout, and natural stone surfaces deteriorate when exposed to heavy foot traffic, water, harsh chemicals, and other harmful agents. Sir Grout Singapore's hard surface restoration processes have been tested to be long-lasting, resistant to deterioration, and easy to maintain. Nonetheless, because of the extensive wear and tear your surfaces can receive, signs of degradation can still appear. For this reason, we have a maintenance program to ensure your surfaces always look beautiful and in top condition. With our periodic maintenance, the following issues will be kept at bay:

Hiring a Maintenance Plan Will Make Floors Easier to Keep


Efflorescence occurs when water leaves behind salt deposits on natural stone surfaces. It creates a white, powdery substance on the stone. This is a clear sign of water damage. It shouldn't be left unchecked because it could lead to more time-consuming repairs in the long run. Our professionals can quickly identify efflorescence, clean, and seal the stone to prevent future damages.


Natural stone surfaces are sturdy and reliable but not impervious to deterioration. Dull spots can appear on the surface, spoiling its natural gloss. This is known as etching and it occurs when harsh chemicals or substances with acidic properties are left on the stone for long periods of time. Dull surfaces don't leave a good impression on your customers. Fortunately, we have the right processes, equipment, and products to remove any etches your stone surface might have.

Picture of a Hotel Pooldeck with Efflorescence Before and After Restoration and MaintenancePicture of a Restaurant Marble Bar Before and After Maintenance and Restoration

Keep Your Lobby in Perfect Condition with Our Maintenance Services


Caulk is an essential component for structural integrity because it seals the joints or seams and prevents water damage. Unfortunately, caulk doesn't last forever. It can develop cracks because of the natural contraction a structure undergoes as seasons and temperatures change. Old and damaged caulk should be replaced immediately. With our maintenance program, we make sure your caulking is always replaced with a high-quality, resilient solution.

Deep Cleaning and Sealing

A booming business can receive hundreds of customers daily. With all this foot traffic, susceptible areas like the grout lines can quickly become dirty and unsightly. When grout absorbs dirt, grime, or liquids the damage can't be removed easily. We are experts in solving these issues. Our periodic maintenance includes deep cleaning and sealing to ensure the integrity of your surfaces.

Before and After Picture of a Hotel Bathtub Caulking RepairPicture of a Kitchen Floor Before and After Restoration, Cleaning and Sealing

Grout Re-coloring

Grout can acquire a darkish or brownish color when it is full of dirt, grime, or debris. Also, harsh cleaning products with strong chemicals can cause discoloration in the grout lines. We have a special process to seal and re-color the grout lines in case any damage has occurred. This process is always at your disposal with our maintenance program.

We have a wide selection of maintenance options for our commercial clients, such as:
  • Grout and tile deep cleaning
  • Grout Recoloring and Sealing
  • Stone floor and wall cleaning and sealing
  • Granite and marble countertop cleaning and sealing
  • Marble, limestone, and travertine honing & polishing
  • Wood floor deep cleaning and buffing
  • Re-caulking
Picture of Tile and Stone Restoration Gallery
Sir Grout Singapore is a leading company in the hard surface restoration industry. We have professional equipment, products, and experience to make sure your surfaces always look beautiful and appealing. Furthermore, our maintenance plans are flexible, giving you the option for monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual programs. You decide accordingly to your needs. Keep your surfaces fully protected, gorgeous-looking, and prevent any costly repairs.

Before and After Picture of Lobby Tile Floor Cleaned and Sealed to Remove Embedded GrimePicture of a Call Center Bathroom Floor Before and After Restoration, Cleaning and Sealing

In addition to our regular maintenance programs Sir Grout Singapore also provides the following Commercial Services: Call Sir Grout Singapore at (65) 6759-7296 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form at the bottom of this page to enjoy a free evaluation and to take advantage of our unparalleled services.


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