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This Renter Etched the Marble Floor in His Home in Jurong. Could a Stone Polishing Help Him Get His Deposit Back?

March 15, 2016

Renting a home comes with a lot of responsibility. For this Jurong neighbor, that responsibility involved keeping up a beautiful marble floor. It was shiny and luxurious when the sun would shine into the room, the neighboring high-rises would reflect in the marble. The renter had the occasional spill on the marble floor, which he immediately cleaned up with an all-natural cleaning product that had a lemony scent he liked. After clean up session, the renter started to see what appeared to be water spots on his marble. The water spots appeared to be growing bigger and bigger, and no matter how hard he tried, wiping away the spots seemed to be impossible.

This Jurong Renter Etched His Marble. Could a Stone Polishing Help Him Get His Deposit Back?

Wiping the water spots seemed impossible because it was. If these water spots were in fact water spots, they would be easy to remove. However, what looked like water spots were actually etch marks and they would not be so easy to remove. The renter knew that his lease was coming up, and didn't want to get his security deposit taken away over some minor, if noticeable, scuffs on the floor. He searched for a local stone polishing company to help repair the damage before moving out. He quickly found Sir Grout Singapore, and scheduled a free evaluation for the beautiful shiny floor. Could a stone polishing return the shine to it? He hoped so.

When the stone polishing experts arrived at the Jurong residence, they evaluated the "water spots", which were quickly diagnosed as etch marks. The etch marks were caused by the one thing that the renter suspected: his cleaning! Repeated use of the lovely, citrus-scented cleaning products that he was so fond of were actually causing the nasty, dull stain that marred the beautiful marble. All-natural, citrus based cleaning products are very bad for stones like marble because they interact with the calcium in the stone. The damage the material and the seal, causing the discoloration and dullness. Etching can only be reversed with re-polishing.

It was clear that the stone would need to be honed, polished, and sealed to renew the beautiful, shiny finish that the marble had when the renter first moved in. Fortunately, this was a job that could be completed well in advance of the date of his move. They immediately got to work.

The team used stone-friendly chemicals and proprietary tools to buff out the etch marks. Once that was complete, they began polishing the stone. Once the beautiful, high-level polish was restored, they applied a coat of Sir Grout Stone Armor Sealer to the floor to help protect the marble from future damage and make any subsequent spills easier to clean up.

Marble is very commonly used in HBD apartments in Jurong. The team explained proper care and maintenance for the new stone: it's important to always clean up spills right away with a clean cloth. Drying the stone is imperative to preventing damage. Also, using a pH-neutral soapless cleaner was the better alternative to the fragrant but acidic lemon product the renter had been using.

The renter was thrilled. His inspection occurred shortly thereafter, and he happily reported to us that he got his deposit back!

If your stone is dull, etched, and dirty looking, you may be using the wrong type of cleaners. Marble, travertine, and other stones must be properly cared for in the event of a spill. Most jobs are completed in as little as 24 hours. Contact Sir Grout Singapore at (65) 6759-7296 today for a free evaluation on your stone floor or countertop.


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