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Stone Polishing Service in Singapore Renews the Look of This Etched Marble Shower Floor

April 25, 2016

The beautiful brown marble shower floor was the feature our customer loved most in his home off River Valley road. The stunning polished stone gave his shower an elegant and luxurious look. Sadly, years of showers and exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals and moisture took their toll on the lovely stone floor. The homeowner had started to notice that the marble seemed dull and opaque, and was no longer the shiny floor that he remembered. To his dismay, the marble shower floor also had water spots. The homeowner couldn't understand how the marble floor had become so damaged, given that he always made sure it was properly cleaned. He made the decision to seek a professional opinion. Searching for Singapore stone polishing services online, he came across Sir Grout of Singapore's page on Facebook. He was relieved to have found our services and decided to give us a call and set up an appointment.

Stone Polishing Service in Singapore Renews the Look of This Etched Marble Shower Floor

Cleaning marble can be very easy when you know how to do it right. Unfortunately, this was not our client's case. He was using cleaning products that - unbeknownst to him - were responsible for etching the stone and damaging its seal. Since marble is a soft stone, it tends to be very absorbent, which is why most stone floors are sealed before the homeowner can start using them. As the stone lost its seal, it was exposed to water and other chemicals, such as shampoo, that caused water marks to appear on the marble. The homeowner was desperate to find a solution because he didn't want to lose the investment he made in the gorgeous marble shower floor! A renovation was out of the question, as it was too expensive.

Upon arriving at the condo, Sir Grout's trained technicians instantly took notice of the water spots and stains, and decided that the opaque marble would need to be honed, polished, and sealed. The team got to work on the marble floor by applying a neutral cleaner and a high-tech vertical brushing system designed to clean delicate stone such as marble. The technicians honed the marble floor to give it a uniform and smooth look. To restore the floor's glow, the team used a proprietary process that involves marble-safe chemicals and polishing tools that get rid of dullness, stains, and etching. That brought back the floor's original shine.

The customer was very pleased with the results. The brown marble floor looked like it had just been installed! He thanked our team of professionals for saving his stone floor and preventing what would have been a very costly renovation.

Even though marble has its disadvantages, daily maintenance can help prevent damages and help keep the stone in good condition. Sir Grout recommends that you take the time to wipe the shower floor with a rag after it's been used. By keeping your marble dry, it will last longer. When you need to clean the shower floor, remember to use a pH-neutral cleaner and avoid any cleaning agent that has acid. Also, stone should be sealed every 12-18 months to make sure it's properly protected.

Does your stone floor look like it needs polishing or sealing? Then count on our highly-trained team of professionals to bring your surfaces back to life! If you need stone polishing services in Singapore, turn to the hard surface restoration experts at Sir Grout of Singapore. Fill out the form below to contact us for a free evaluation today! You can also find us on Facebook at Sir Grout Singapore, follow us on Twitter @SGSingapore_ and Instagram @SirGrout for more information about our services.


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