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Record-Time Service! Learn How Our Tile and Grout Cleaners Completely Spruced Up This Bathroom in Singapore

March 29, 2017

Singapore has a reputation of being a great city to conduct and expand businesses, look for job opportunities, and start a new life. That is why many people think of moving to this little island to take advantage of its growing economy, its precious ecosystem, and all the wonderful amenities this country offers. Given the constant influx of workers in need of a place to rent, investing in real estate is becoming a lucrative option for many investors, and this client of ours was very lucky to find a wonderful property to enter the business.

Before and After Picture of a Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Singapore
This client of ours had just bought a property in the beautiful community of Pemimpin Terrace in the hopes of renting it to the many incoming expatriate workers looking for a place to stay. The house he purchased was a steal, but it needed some work done—the bathroom needed particular attention—before he could rent it out. Not wanting to waste any time, he decided to look for a high-quality restoration service in Singapore.

He searched online for Singapore tile and grout cleaners who could spruce up his bathroom in a timely fashion. It wasn't long before Sir Grout Singapore's website appeared in his search results. Browsing through their blog, he noticed the high quality of their work; based on this, he decided to give our team of hard surface experts a chance and called to set up a free in-home evaluation.

Before and After Picture of a Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Singapore
On the scheduled day, our team of technicians arrived at our client's Pemimpin Terrace residence to make the necessary assessments and offer a solution. The tiles were old and copiously dirty and the grout lines were deeply stained. Transforming this type of place is what Sir Grout Singapore does best. They offered their flagship service, a grout cleaning treatment, and also offered to replace the tiles as per the client's request. The owner agreed to the service, trusting their previous experience.

A few days later, the team of experts returned to get to work and make the bathroom look better again. They started by taking out the old and damaged tiles and replacing them with new ones. Once the new tiles were in place they carefully re-grouted the entire bathroom. After that, they proceeded with the cleaning process by applying Sir Grout Singapore's soap-less and pH-balanced cleaner with a high-speed scrubber to rinse remaining debris. Lastly, they applied our proprietary ColorSeal, a water-based sealer that helps even the color of grout lines while making them stain-, water-, mold-, and mildew-resistant.

Before and After Picture of a Bathroom Tile and Grout Cleaning Service in Singapore
When the job was done, the technicians showcased the final results to our client. He was very pleased with the appearance of the bathroom and commented on how happy he was that he had managed to actually save a bit of money thanks to Sir Grout Singapore services.

Before our crew left, our client asked for a few tips to maintain the bathroom in peak condition. They recommended professional maintenance every 12 to 18 months to prevent problems like water damage, which can cause structural damages in the long run.

Are you in need of professional tile and grout cleaners in Singapore to help restore your hard surfaces and maximize the value of your property in the market? Here at Sir Grout Singapore we offer all the services you could ever need. Call us at (65) 6759-7296 or fill out our "Request a Quote" form to set up an appointment with our team of experienced technicians. Also, if you are interested in tips and recommendations for hard surface maintenance, you can keep up with us on Facebook as Sir Grout Singapore, and follow us on Twitter @SGSingapore_ and Instagram @SirGrout.


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