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Learn How Our Tile Cleaning Service in Singapore Helped This Renter Get Her Deposit Back!

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December 28, 2016

One of our most recent clients was an American woman renting an apartment in Nassim Hill, Singapore. She had come to work a year before as an English teacher, and as a welcoming gift, the language school she was working for gave her a small, beautiful Zen fountain. She had placed the fountain on her balcony, which had a textured tile floor. The time had come for her to go back home and when she was packing up everything, she realized the water had done severe damage to the tiles, and if she wanted to get her deposit back before moving back to the States, she'd need to solve that problem. She talked to several of her expat friends to see if they knew a company that could help her, and one of them mentioned they had used Sir Grout Singapore's services. Her friend explained that he had come across our services while searching the web for Singapore tile cleaning and told her we had done a great job. She decided to go to the website, and upon seeing some of the work we'd done, she contacted us and set up an appointment to see what if anything could be done to solve the problem.

Before and After Picture of a Tile Cleaning Job in Singapore.
On the agreed date, the team went to perform the evaluation and assured her that the damage was reversible. They explained what efflorescence was and why the floor was stained. Efflorescence is simply a mineral deposit on the surface of a porous material. Essentially, these internal minerals -which come from the cement slab below the tiles- are dissolved in water, which helps it migrate to the surface. When the water evaporates, tiny salt crystals are left behind, forming a thin, whitish coat. Efflorescence can be easy or hard to remove, depending on the time it has been there and the material where it has set. But before it can be removed, the source of water or moisture should be located so it doesn't happen again. For mild cases of efflorescence, moistening the grout with clean water and scrubbing it with a clean nylon brush or scrub pad should be enough to remove it. For severe cases, such as our client's case, it is better to get help from professionals. After our evaluation, she decided to hire our services, and we set a date to perform the cleaning service.

To remove all traces of efflorescence from the floor's tile and grout, the tile cleaning specialists applied a non-toxic, pH-neutral cleaner and then deep cleaned the tiles using a high-speed scrubber to extract all undesirable dirt. After all the tiles and grout lines were cleaned, they applied our proprietary tile and grout protector, Tile Armor, to prevent future damage. The advantages of using our services is that at a fraction of the cost of a renovation, your tiles can look as good as new in just a few days, and our products are non-toxic and 100% family and pet friendly.

To prevent efflorescence from happening in the first place, the right products need to be used when installing the tiles, and moisture needs to be kept at bay. Therefore, an appropriate sealer should be applied. This is particularly important for water-prone areas such as showers, pools, tubs, and areas with fountains.

If you are in Singapore and are looking for the best tile cleaning service there is, don't hesitate to contact us by calling (65) 6759-7296 or by sending us a direct message using the contact form to get a free evaluation. We offer several hard surface restoration solutions that cater to different needs and budgets. If you want to stay up to date with our promotions and hard surface care tips, or if you want to check out the work we do, find us on Facebook at Sir Grout Singapore, and follow us on Twitter @SGSingapore_ and Instagram @SirGrout.

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