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From Dull to Glossy: See What Our Stone Polishing Service Did for this Elegant Marble Countertop in Singapore

April 20, 2017

Maximizing the value of your real state is a matter of making the right renovation choices, and upgrading your countertops with natural stone can be a great one. After all, there are few things as upscale as marble. However, what most people don't consider is the amount of care that must go into maintaining your stone surfaces. A client in Singapore who rented out one of his properties was proud of his marble countertop choice. However, his previous tenant was not too careful about spills and maintenance, which caused etching and damage—its polished finish was ruined by water stains and etch marks. Since he needed to put his listing back on the market as soon as possible, he was going to need a Singapore stone polishing company that could deliver quality work on time, or else his property would be overlooked by the better-paying tenants.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Polishing Service in Singapore
Thankfully, Singapore offers many options in hard surface restoration providers, but he did not want to leave his beautiful black marble countertop in the hands of an inexperienced tech. Searching online, Sir Grout Singapore's popped up among the first options in his Google search after typing 'best stone polishing service in Singapore'. After checking out the testimonials and galleries, he was sure he had found what he needed, so he placed a call to request a quote and set up a free in-home evaluation.

A few days later, our team of expert technicians showed up at his doorstep to make the necessary assessment and offer an immediate and efficient solution. Once they saw the countertop, they knew the damage was caused by acidic spills. They offered a stone polishing service to restore the marble to its previous finish, and the client agreed.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Polishing Service in Singapore
A couple of days later our team returned to get to work. First, they thoroughly cleaned the countertop using a pH-balanced cleaner, which is specially designed for marble, and a high-speed scrubber. After rinsing, they used a steam cleaner to remove all stains and residues. Once they finished cleaning, our techs used diamond pads to give the marble a smooth finish, and as the scratches faded they upped the grit until they achieved the perfect luster. Once finished, they applied our proprietary Stone Armor, a sealer that protects stone surfaces from scratches, dirt, and spills.

Once our techs finished restoring the countertop, they showed the results to our client. He smiled when he saw that the damage had been reversed and the marble had been revived. He said he would call Sir Grout Singapore again for future maintenance.

Before and After Picture of a Stone Polishing Service in Singapore
Marble is a very delicate stone, particularly vulnerable to acidic substances such as citric juices and some varieties of detergents. Trying to clean it with vinegar is a crass mistake that not many marble countertops and floors recover from. This is the reason why it is important to know the basics when it comes to taking care of marble, especially regarding the use of cleaning products. Regarding cleaners, pH-balanced is the most desirable, and 'designed for marble' should be on the label. It is also important to clean up spills as soon as they happen and to keep the stone sealed to protect it from any kitchen accidents.

Maybe your marble is not looking as attractive as the day you installed it. To solve this, and many other hard surface restoration problems, the experts at Sir Grout Singapore have many services that suit your needs. Call (65) 6759-7296 or fill out the "Request a Quote" form to set up an appointment with our team. Also, remember that to get more tips on stone restoration and care, follow us on Facebook as Sir Grout Singapore, and follow us on Twitter @SGSingapore_ and Instagram @SirGrout.


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