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An HDB Flat in Jurong West Was Damaged by Acidic Cleaners. See How a Grout Cleaning Fixed It!

January 25, 2016

The kitchen in this HDB flat in Jurong West was a high traffic zone. The Jurong resident knew that every time anyone walked onto the tile in his combination kitchen-laundry room, they were tracking in dirt and bacteria. He took cleaning very seriously especially the grout! Unfortunately, the HDB unit had experienced a lot of traffic over the years, and even though it's owner cleaned it weekly, the giant dirt marks on the tile and grout seemed to be permanent.

An HDB Flat in Jurong West Was Damaged by Acidic Cleaners. See How a Grout Cleaning Fixed It!

This Jurong resident knew that he needed a reliable professional for the job. He didn't want to make the mistake of using one of the scamming door-to-door companies. He asked his neighbor for a recommendation for a high-quality specialist who would perform local grout cleaning to work on his HDB flat. His neighbor suggested he try Sir Grout Singapore he trusted them to perform a high quality job on his hard surfaces. The Jurong resident took his advice and gave them a call right away.

The Jurong grout cleaners came highly recommended. They performed a free evaluation and immediately suspected that the floor had been damaged by cleaning products. After interviewing the resident, they had their suspicions confirmed: he had indeed been using an acidic cleaner to clean his floor! This was a problem, because acidic cleaners cause damage to hard surfaces by binding to the calcium within the surface, breaking it down and deteriorating both the seal and in many cases, the tile underneath. This Jurong resident was lucky he caught the damage in time. If he'd continued cleaning his floor this way, it soon would have damaged the tile and grout underneath! At the time, it had only damaged the seal.

A cleaning and sealing was in order. Fortunately, it was inexpensive and would only take a day to perform. First the team cleaned the tile and grout with a proprietary vapor and vertical brush scrubbing system. After the dirt and bacteria had been properly eliminated, they sealed the tile and grout to make sure that no further damage would occur on the compromised tile. For sealing the grout, they used ColorSeal, a tinted sealer that fills the pores in grout lines that are prone to trapping dirt. Once grout lines are filled with ColorSeal, they are no longer capable of trapping dirt, and the product also makes them mold- and mildew-resistant. In addition to these health-benefitting properties, ColorSeal is non-toxic, dirt-resistant, and stain-resistant. Stain resistance is important for grout, because when dirt sits on top of grout, it transfers its color as juice would transfer to a white shirt if left dirty for a long time. The stain on the grout becomes permanent. However, since ColorSeal is stain-resistant, this staining property of dirt would no longer be a major concern. Additionally, ColorSeal contains a pigment, creating a uniform color along the grout lines, making them look cleaner than when they were first installed.

Finally, they taught the Jurong resident how to improve his grout cleaning tactics. To clean tile and grout, it's important to make sure that cleaners are pH-neutral and also contain no soap, as acidic and alkaline cleaners can damage the seal, and soap scum creates an environment for mold and dirt to stick. They recommended Sir Grout Maintenance Cleaner.

The floor looked brand new! The Jurong resident could not have been more pleased with the high quality job performed by Sir Grout Singapore. It was wonderful to have bright white grout again no signs of dirt, no worries of germs, just pure, clean living space.

Do you need a reliable grout cleaning specialist to work on your HDB flat? Contact Sir Grout Singapore at (65) 6759-7296 to get a free evaluation for your hard surfaces today!


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