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A Grout Cleaning Service in Singapore Gave New Life to This Tile Floor

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June 17, 2016

The Twin Waterfalls condominiums in the lovely waterfront town of Punggol are one of the most desirable places to live. Our customer was the proud owner of one of these condos, which included a gorgeous tile floor that made the rooms look elegant and spacious. However, there was a problem that had been bothering him for a while. The homogeneous tiles in his kitchen and in his yard had dirty, stained, and missing grout lines. This changed the overall appearance of his home, which displeased him. What was even more frustrating was that he couldn't seem to fix it with any cleaning product In fact, he was beginning to suspect that they were actually damaging the grout. He knew that he had to search for a reliable hard surface restoration company, so he asked one of his neighbors for a recommendation. His neighbor mentioned our Singapore grout cleaning service, and after a quick visit to our website, he scheduled an appointment with our team of experts.

Cleaning grout can be difficult due to its porosity, which is a direct result of its main component cement. This is why grout lines can quickly become dirty and uneven in color, affecting the overall aesthetic of the floor. Homeowners usually spend a lot of time trying to restore their grout lines because they always seem to be dirty or discolored. So, they use household products or acidic cleaning agents to make them look clean again. Our customer had used several cleaners that were inappropriate for his floor, which had caused the grout to deteriorate, discolor, and dissolve.

The homeowner hoped that we could give him a solution to clean and protect his grout from further damage, and our team was ready to take on the challenge. When they inspected the floor, they found that it would be necessary to clean the tiles first. Then, they would apply ColorSeal to the grout lines, both in his kitchen and his yard to protect them from damage and dirt buildup, making the floors look brighter and reducing the homeowner's cleaning efforts.

Our team returned and was ready to completely clean the floor and the grout lines, which would be the first step to recover its original appearance. The cleaning process would remove any dirt buildup on the surface and in the grout lines. In order to do so, the team started out by using a neutral cleaner that is safe to use on homogeneous tiles and grout. They applied it with a scrubbing machine that gently cleans the floor. After this, the team used vapor steam cleaning to eliminate the remaining dirt. To make the floor look flawless for years to come, they applied ColorSeal, which is our proprietary sealant that gives grout lines an even color and protects them from stains, water, mold, and mildew. The homeowner chose the color Oyster, which seamlessly matched his tiles, making them look like they had just been installed.

The job had been accomplished, and the team was excited to show the homeowner how new his floor looked! He was relieved to see that his floor looked spotless and that the grout lines looked better than new. Before the team left, they gave the homeowner some important recommendations for the proper maintenance of grout.

When cleaning your grout lines, we recommend the use of pH-neutral and soap-less cleaners. This implies avoiding the use of products that contain acidic substances or ammonia, which are responsible for deteriorating and discoloring grout.

Do your grout lines look like the ones in the picture above? They might need to be thoroughly cleaned and sealed to prevent damage. If you would like to know more about our services, don't hesitate to call us at (65) 6759-7296 or visit our contact section. You can also find us on Facebook at Sir Grout Singapore, and follow us on Twitter @SGSingapore_ and Instagram @SirGrout.

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